Inspired by people, nature, art and history, we create work that promotes beauty, harmony and wisdom.

Our Network

The Studio

We believe in creating value. We do that throught providing services like logo and identity design, poster design, copywriting, website and email design and development, photography, illustration and hand lettering, film and motion graphic prodution and creative direction.

The Publication

With Hodhod stories magazine we aspire to spread awareness of Iranian culture and people throughout the world, with the ultimate goal that by realising our common humanity, together we can build a better more united world.

The Store

At Koof Store we sell unique handicrafts made by Iranian artisans. We provide an avenue for Iranian artisans to sell their products on the global market and the opportunity for you to enjoy a taste of the beauty and nuance of this vibrant and deeply artistic culture.

Core Values

Small businesses are shaping this modern economy in a big way and we want to be part of this change

Small businesses have room to innovate and be daring. We are excited to work with clients that want to push the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Creating valuable content and working on products we believe in

We are inspired to promote content and products that provides value to people.

A lifestyle as well as a design practice

We love travelling and we are eager to find projects that would enable us to connect with new people and places.

Forming collaborative partnerships

Collaboration for us is about sharing a common vision, the opportunity to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas, and working in a horizontal structure.

Our Story

Koof studio was established in 2009, as my online portfolio. For years I worked with world renowned agencies and big brands like Dtdigital, CHE Proximity and Myer, where I learnt many of the skills and lessons that are intrinsic to the work that I do today.

Over time, I realised that I was lucky enough to be surrounded by talented people who shared my values and embraced my vision, whose various complementary and overlapping skills would make a strong team and the rest is history.


Rhiannon Grant

My roles include copywriting, content strategy and front-end development.

I am technical, scientific and practical, as well as being artistic, creative and philosophical in roughly equal measures. As a life long environmentalist, I am also responsible for steering Koof Studio in directions that will guide us all toward a better future for the planet and all its wondrous inhabitants.

Mohammad Nasergivechi

I am the business analyst and project manager, as well as being part of the web development team.

For the last ten years, I’ve been working as a business and technology advisor for many organisations designing and implementing computer networks. Over the last two years, I have been increasingly working on front-end development. I’m a pragmatic person and this allows me to keep this team focused on what matters. I have a great passion for travel and photography.

Reza Nasergivechi

I am the sales and operations manager. After many years of working for big businesses like MTN in Iran, I left this line of work to pursue my love of outdoor sports.

Koof Studio allows me to do work that I enjoy and pursue my passion for diving. I also work as a freelance SSI certified diving instructor on the exotic Islands of Kish & Gheshm in the South of Iran. I am actively looking for opportunities to travel and dive all over the world.

Mostafa Nasergivechi

I am the founder and creative director of Koof Studio. My mind is an ideas mill, I actually layout websites in my dreams, no joke.

I believe in combining art and technology and that is why I love web. I’ve had years of experience in web development and I am the senior front-end developer leading our web & email team. Since childhood I have had a passionate love of art and design; I am a designer, photographer and illustrator. I love photography because it allows me to travel and connect with people in a very intimate way.


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