Inspired by people, nature, art and history, we create work that promotes beauty, harmony and wisdom.

About Me

Koof studio was established in 2009, as my online portfolio. For years I worked with world renowned agencies and big brands like Dtdigital, CHE Proximity and Myer, where I learnt many of the skills and lessons that are intrinsic to the work that I do today.

Over time, I realised that I was lucky enough to be surrounded by talented people who shared my values and embraced my vision, whose various complementary and overlapping skills would make a strong team and the rest is history.

Core Values

Small businesses are shaping this modern economy in a big way and we want to be part of this change

Small businesses have room to innovate and be daring. We are excited to work with clients that want to push the boundaries of what is thought possible.

Creating valuable content and working on products we believe in

We are inspired to promote content and products that provides value to people.

A lifestyle as well as a creative practice

We love travelling and we are eager to find projects that would enable us to connect with new people and places.

Forming collaborative partnerships

Collaboration for us is about sharing a common vision, the opportunity to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas, and working in a horizontal structure.