Life is a practice, everything is a practice.

I have been thinking about making art everyday, and how that is the way to play, learn and get better, it is a practice. Although practice is not just repetition, it is doing the same thing with attention, observing every word, every breath and ever stroke. Attention is the key.

Also the importance of balance came to mind, how in doing anything, middle way is the balanced way. For example I love learning but it needs to be balanced out by applying, using and making based on that learning. I thought about the last few years and how I have just been learning and learning without any parallel application of that knowledge.

Knowledge that gets put into practice, deepens, becomes a knowing and helps you grow and expand, it becomes active, it comes to life, otherwise it is just a passive theory.

In this process there is no place for judgement. There is neither any arrogance to think the result is great, nor any fear that the creation is ugly and bad, it is just a joyful and liberating play, It is just the flow of creation.

And with that in mind my friend, let us play everyday and pay attention to see what comes to life.