It is 2017 and I have been using computers since 1998, when I was just 15 years old. My relationship with technology went to completely new level in 2003 when I started studying computer programming, and I have been consuming content obsessively on the Internet since 2009 when I moved to Melbourne, Australia.

I learned a tone from people on the web, fell in love with their content, their websites, their blogs and the craft of running something for yourself, journaling and sharing your journey.

I didn’t grow up with computers, then in my early 20s all my personal and professional life intertwined with computers and web specifically, first as a Network administrator, then a programmer and later on as a Multimedia Designer and frontend developer.

I didn’t care at first, then I fell in love with it all and in last few years I have hate it all, but now I am in a different place. I have realised the importance of balance in life, I have learned about the power of network effect and what a opportunity we have at our hands with internet, and most importantly I think I know what I want in life, so I feel now it is a good time to start a blog.

I am grateful for the journey and excited to start journaling and sharing the rest here. So yeah this is my first post!

PS. This blog and website in general is a work in progress, I love building up out in the open and sharing as I making.